FSRI is a non-governmental organization which provides training, education and counseling to a range of legal providers in developing countries, including courts, judges, lawyers and mediators, with the goal of building sustainable mediation programs which achieve timely, fair and peaceful resolution of disputes.

Training lawyers, judges and other qualified neutral parties in host countries to provide dispute resolution services through mediation centers.

Vic presents someone with an award.

Educating legal providers on the benefits and techniques of successful mediation, as well as educating the public regarding the advantages of utilizing mediation systems.

Facilitating international exchanges between judges, lawyers, mediators, and other interested parties to share experiences and observe successful alternative dispute resolution systems.

Counseling, coaching and guiding mediators and mediation program officials on the implementation of such programs and centers.

Reviewing, auditing and critiquing existing and new mediation programs.

In the courts, it make take years. In mediation, it’s faster and it’s restorative.
— Mediation Participant