Divorce/Child Custody

"For me, satisfaction only comes when there's a result," explained the woman. "This is the last day for me," she said confidently, predicting a final settlement in her divorce and child visitation case. Despite being focused on the end goal, she enjoyed that "the mediators are seeing my side, they understand what I've been going through ... I feel like I'm making progress; I'll have peace, and I'll be able to take care of my child." Throughout the course of mediation, her exhaustion with her former partner was clear. Previously, she had been bitter about the constant delays she suffered at the changing demands of her husband, and she simply wished to move on. Now she felt the end was in sight and her mood improved. She calmly sat in the waiting area, speaking of spiritual meditation and how it had taught her to forgive others for her own peace of mind. Throughout the process she had been looking towards the future, and finally, the settlement seemed within reach.

Shortly afterwards, the parties were called in to sit with their mediator. In a cooperative manner, they finalized the terms of their settlement that they had personally crafted with one another in previous sessions. They agreed that while their relationship as husband and wife had ended, they would maintain open communication in regards to their child, and that they would emphasize honesty and cooperation. The agreement allowed both to enjoy and fulfill their role as parents for the child they shared. After the settlement was signed and given to counsel, the woman was visibly relieved. "Obviously, it's a huge relief," she said, "I've been waiting for him to sign the paper. I knew it would be a crucial moment." For the first time in the Bangalore Mediation Center, a smile was visible on her face.